Smart Home (3d-model)

ABB Ability™
Creating Value through Digitalization

ABB Ability™ uses digitalization

to close the loop between technology, services, and people, and thereby unlock value while building the framework for the future.

We’ve been writing this future with our clients for years,

with an installed base of 70 million connected devices and 70,000 control systems. ABB Ability™ unifies our expertise and insights across multiple industry sectors and technology platforms.

The digitized application of that expertise differs with each project

– we apply combinations of our technology, services, and the data know-how address our clients’ unique mission-critical needs, and then innovate over time – but our value proposition is consistent: Let’s write the future.

Enabling Transformative Change

Today’s global economy demands that businesses find new, faster ways to deliver productivity within the constraints of resources and regulation, and ABB’s digital solutions weave together the elements to deliver it: Robotics. Remote monitoring and management. Predictive maintenance. Collaborative operations. Next generation hardware. Cloud-based software. Here are two examples of how we’ve partnered with our clients to meet their needs, and then innovate solutions to deliver future opportunities.