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Living our values
to deliver on our Next Level strategy

At ABB, how we execute our Next Level strategy is just as important as delivering on our targets. To drive sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders, we have five value pairs, which all of our employees are expected to live every day.

Values drive our behavior

In today’s competitive and fast-changing world, the command and control structures of the past are no longer effective. Instead, our behavior, working relationships and the way we do business must be based on values that leave no room for compromise when it comes to safety and integrity, and that encourage a passion for customer focus and quality, while driving high performance, accountability and collaboration.

At ABB, we seek to instill a culture in which everyone practices safe and ethical behavior in all aspects of their lives.

CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer

Five value pairs

1. Safety and integrity

ABB strives every day to live these core values. Though training, internal values campaigns, and continuously communicating the need to uphold high standards of safety and integrity, we seek to instill a culture in which employees practice safe and ethical behavior in all aspects of their lives. Through our “Don’t look the other way!” approach, we encourage everyone to draw attention to behavior and actions that might compromise others’ health and wellbeing, or jeopardize their careers or the reputation of the company.

2. Customer focus and quality

To prosper as a company, the customer has to be at the center of all our activities, and we need to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Knowing our customers better, being perceived as having a clear focus on them, and providing high-quality offerings and services is what make us the partner of choice in highly competitive markets.

3. Innovation and speed

Innovation is not only the job of R&D, it is at the core of our value proposition and is therefore everyone’s job at ABB. Digitalization is opening a world of new possibilities and transforming industry at the same time, and we need to drive that transformation, otherwise we will be left trying to catch up. In today’s fast-paced world, speed is essential – we must be fast without being hasty in order to master new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Ownership and performance

Strengthening lines of responsibility and accountability across our organization is a key part of our Next Level strategy. Focused, well-articulated responsibilities for our businesses, country organizations and functions are paramount to drive performance to the next level. Our new organization reflects these principles and is built around them. Institutional and individual performance are key to continue to succeed in a demanding world. Performance is what is expected from all of us every day – not only continuing what we are doing, but also taking a step forward.

5. Collaboration and trust

With our Next Level strategy, we have defined actions to unlock further value for our stakeholders. But knowing what we have to do is not enough, we need to drive a culture of collaboration at all levels across the company and build trust. In stage 3 of our Next Level strategy, our four market-leading divisions are empowered as entrepreneurial units to drive sustainable value creation, supported by our regions and the group’s digital offering and leading G&A cost level. Successful collaboration builds trust, which in turn strengthens collaboration, enabling us to write the future with all of our stakeholders.