Guido Jouret Unlocking value for industrial customers

Guido Jouret, ABB’s Chief Digital Officer since October 2016, explains how ABB can help customers realize the efficiency and performance improvements that digitalization delivers today.

Guido Jouret, ABB’s Chief Digital Officer (photo)

ABB What does a Chief Digital Officer do?
GJ The CDO position is relatively new; not many companies have one. It was created to help enterprises digitalize their products and services. My role at ABB is to see how the latest technologies, such as sensors, data analytics and cloud-based services, can be applied to the entire ABB portfolio to unlock greater value for our customers, in terms of uptime, speed and yield.

ABB How is ABB positioned in digital?
GJ To create value for industrial customers, you need a large installed base. This is essential because it is not enough simply to attach a sensor to a machine or robot and transmit the data to the cloud – plenty of companies can do that. The value lies in what you do with the data – how you turn it into actionable information to help customers derive maximum value from digitalizing their assets. ABB is very well positioned because it has some of the largest installed bases in power grids, industrial robotics, and control systems for industry. This means we have the domain expertise – knowledge of our customers’ industries – to understand how digital technologies can best be used.

ABB Tell us about “ABB Ability”
GJ With its installed base of more than 70 million connected devices and 70,000 control systems, ABB is a leader in digital systems and software. What has been lacking is a common platform for its digital assets; traditionally, these have been locked up in its individual businesses rather than shared across the entire group. With “ABB Ability”, we will bring together ABB’s entire portfolio of digital solutions and services, making them accessible to all our businesses and customers.

ABB How does ABB’s partnership with Microsoft fit into “ABB Ability”?
GJ As part of ABB’s quantum leap in digital, we formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft to develop next-generation digital solutions on an integrated cloud platform. Microsoft was the natural choice because of its unrivalled ecosystem of software developers. For ABB, this means we can build our applications on Microsoft’s Azure platform, taking advantage of all of its capabilities, and add value with our domain-specific solutions. In effect, we are turning our decades of industrial expertise into software offerings that can be accessed through the world’s largest and most advanced digital platform.

ABB How “digital” is the industry at the moment?
GJ The digital transformation of the industry is just beginning, in the grid, in factory automation and in building automation – all of the markets in which ABB is present. ABB is well positioned because we are very early in that transformation journey, we are respected by our customers, we have world-class products and, in the future, we will have a world-class digital environment.